At PSEVEN, our  pathology laboratory provides local, regional and national diagnostic services in all laboratory medicine disciplines. Laboratory investigations are performed and the results of laboratory tests are made available to patients via our online patient portal.

Test Information

One of the important factors in determining the accuracy and reliability of your laboratory test is you, THE PATIENT. After all, it is a sample from your body, on which the test will be performed. Therefore, it is essential that you do the following to ensure that the results will be useful and interpreted correctly by your doctor.

Test Preparation

Please note: for fasting patient, one can have as much water as he/she wants, but no other drinks or food intake is allowed.

  1. LIPID Profile : Patient should fast for 12 hours before blood collection.
  2. Blood Glucose:
  • Fasting blood sugar-do not eat or drink anything other than water for at least 8 hours before the blood sample is taken. If you have diabetes, your doctor may ask you to wait until you have had your blood collected before taking your morning dose of Insulin or diabetes medicine.
  • 2-hour postprandial (post lunch) blood sugar-you need to have your blood collected exactly 2 hours after a regular lunch. You can have water and your regular medicines.
  • Random blood sugar- no special preparation is required before having a random blood sugar test.

Immunoassay Tests

For hormone studies

Infectious diseases studies

Cancer screening

Vitamin deficiency detection

Heart attack risk assessment

Biochemistry Tests

For routine biochemical assays

Special protein tests

Therapeutic drug monitoring

Metabolic test assays

Drugs of abuse testing

Hematology Tests

For Analysis of Blood cells

Detection of Anemia

Hemoglobin Defects

Blood Coagulation Studies

Urine Analyzer

For complete urine analysis